Albion Online: Summer Alpha

With strong leadership, and a strong core alongside him during Summer Alpha, Kam felt that it was time to take the French organization a step further and establish themselves as a powerhouse in Albion. He was adamant that the ultimate goal of his guild is no different than it has been in previous games; “to simply be the best guild in the game”. It is hard to argue against the fact that they have solidified themselves as a top tier organization this test.

Battling it out was evidently a prime learning experience for the French organization, and they have only gotten stronger from it.

“Our most competition this test has clearly been Vendetta, because even after a big defeat streak against us, they were able to come back stronger and reverse the trend. Unlike them, Nilfgaard decided to desert the battlefield…” Kam said in dismay towards his recent rival.

With non-stop contest over ownership of the black zones, Kam hastily realized that he needed to establish an alliance with another organization in order sustain their dominance. Fortunately for him, there was another French speaking organization out there with a very similar mindset of wanting to reign king.

“We recently allied with Les Clodos, who share the same mindset and speak the same language. This helps significantly with the diplomacy between our guilds. Overall, I’m very satisfied with our collaboration as it’s kind of uncommon to find another organization with a similar point of view amongst the French community,” said Kam.

Albion Online

All in all, Closed Beta has been a very hectic experience for WarLegend. Clashing with their notable rivals, Nilfgaard and Vendetta, while establishing a well-suited alliance with Albion Online Gold. Things have clearly shaken up for the organization. Albeit, they have still been able to dictate control over a multitude of prime real-estate in black zones.

Kam is confident in stating that many of his guild’s goals have been affirmed during this test, however, there are many more goals for WarLegend to accomplish. With level-headed leadership and a strong core structure, the guild is continually adapting to new challenges that they face.

“The main thing we need to do now as a full-fledged organization is coordinate large-scale battles. Hopefully we can look forward to some incredible city and castle fights and learn from them. If Nilfgaard is not inclined to offer us this opportunity, we will ask our neighbors like Vendetta,” said Kam.

As we promptly reach the quarter-mark of Closed Beta, the masses are anxiously anticipating which organizations will rise to the top, dominate the black zones, and crush their opposition with Albion Online Power Leveling. Only time will tell the outcome of WarLegend’s journey. Competent diplomacy and sensible strategy will be decisive factors, as they brawl with their foes in the largest conquest of all of Albion. Will WarLegend reign supreme?

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